1.- Candour & Respect. This is the First Principle to startand evolve relationships.

2.- Confidentiality: Treating iteractions with the most rigorous information care.

3.- Full Visibility: Drawing  the big picture and concreting precise details on relevant information.

4.- Honesty: Lie isa major form of weakness. Never hiding crucial elements to decisions making.

5.- Enthusiasm: Deeply believe in what we tell on firms & people we represent.

6.- Coherency: Be proud and aligned with our customer´s values.

7.- Determination: Keep real things in hands. Determinant focus to driving to agood end.

8.-  Soft Side: Attending to abilities that foster team empower and success, not just technical features.

9.- Sensitiveness: Conducting efforts to drive enriching situations both sides. Never forcing what we do not envision nor believe in.

10.- Wellness: Concentrate efforts in the pure intention of helping others.  All the rest will come thereafter.